Sunday, December 9, 2012

intraKid and Calcium

Importance of Calcium in intraKID

intraKID liquid vitamin provides your children with the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients that they need most.  It is one of the most comprehensive multivitamins for children, and it contains numerous ingredients that work synergistically to support your child's health and growth.  With all the wonderful nutrients it can be easy to overlook one of the most important minerals: calcium.

Calcium is essential to the growth and development of your child.  It is needed to maintain a number of biological functions, and most importantly it supports the bones.  A child's bones are constantly growing, and they will continue to grow and develop until the age of the thirty.  During this time it is important to provide the bones with plenty of calcium, because it helps to support growth and it also helps the bones to reach their peak strength by the age of thirty.  If calcium isn't consumed in the proper amounts the bones won't reach their proper strength.  Making sure that your children get enough calcium will help to reduce their risk of bone diseases, like osteoporosis, later in life. 
Of course, calcium doesn't just help the bones.  It works throughout the entire body to support different systems and processes, and one of the most important processes that it supports is a heartbeat.  A strong heartbeat depends on calcium, and when calcium becomes low the body withdraws it from the bones to maintain the heart.  This action can significantly weaken the bones and leave them more likely to break.  Calcium also supports healthy blood clotting, and it may also help to support healthy muscle function.

Now many people worry about the absorption of calcium, and it is true that calcium is hard for the body to absorb.  However, intraKid contains natural ingredients that support the absorption of calcium.  Vitamins, like Vitamin D, help the body to absorb calcium, and it allows for the benefits of calcium to be utilized by the body.

Let us not forget that intraKid is also a great source for calcium.  Yes, it has omega 3 fatty acids, CoQ10, amino acids, and numerous antioxidants, but calcium is one of the most important minerals.  intraKid even has a number of nutrients that support the proper absorption of calcium.  Make sure that your children are getting the proper nutrition and plenty of calcium with this great children's natural multivitamin.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

intraKID and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

intraKID is one of the most comprehensive multivitamins on the market.  In fact, it is hard to classify intraKID as multivitamin, because it contains some many nutrients.  Multi-nutrient might be a better term for intraKID.  With everything that intraKID contains it should be no surprise that intraKID is also a great source for omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to people of all ages, but they are particularly beneficial for children.  

Children can get some of the greatest benefits out of omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 fatty acids are incredible important to the development of the brain.  During the third trimmest omega-3 fatty acids jump start the development of the brain and the eyes.  They essentially put the finishing touches on the brain before birth.  After birth omega-3 fatty acids are still important, because they are needed to help the brain to fully grow and develop.  Omega-3s also help a child to develop emotionally.  Omega-3s can also help to prevent or reduce behavioral problems.  Children who are given omega-3 fatty acids also tend to have higher IQ scores.

Omega-3s can also help to support the cardiovascular system, and with the diets children consume today this can greatly help.  Children are constantly eating high fat diets that are jam packed with sodium.  Omega-3s can help to maintain cardiovascular health.  They can help to lower triglyceride levels, and they can help to thin the blood.  Heart disease is one of the most prominent killers in America, so it is never too early to start supporting cardiovascular health.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be a great way to promote proper brain growth and development in children, so it is important that they start consuming omega-3s at an early age.  Omega-3 fatty acids are just one of the 215 nutrients that can be found in intraKID; so, as it turns out, intraKID might be one of the most important daily routines you can provide for your child. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is intraCELL V?

We all know intraKID and intraMAX can offer you and your family numerous health benefits.  intraKID and intraMAX contain over 215 substances that are needed to optimize health, and they are 100% carbon-bonded organic.  intraKID and intraMAX are a great source for vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s, but do you know how intraKID and intraMAX actually work within the body?

Drucker Labs' intraMAX and intraKID utilize two principles.  One is fulvic acid connection, and the other is intraCELL V.  In this blog we'll focus on intraCELL V, and then in the next week's article we'll focus on fulvic acid connection.

What is intraCELL V Technology?

Besides all the nutrients that Drucker Labs products can offer you and your children, intraCELL V technology is one the most important aspects on intraKID and intraMAX.  Drucker Labs has extensively studied how cells live and work within the body, and they developed intraCELL V technology to deliver over 415 carbon-bonded nutrients into the body's cells.

Maintaining cellular health and energy is of the utmost importance to the human body.  Without living cells the body can't live and without cellular energy the cells can't live.  Take a look at how intraCELL V can help to improve cellular health.

intraCELL V starts by surrounding toxins in the body with actual living carbon, and after this polymerization happens.  A polymer is a large molecule that is made up of smaller molecules that have been restructured.  After polymerization, intraCELL V improves cellular activity and detoxifies the cells by changing the inorganic molecules into 100% microcomplexed substances.  By changing inorganic molecules into microcomplexed substances intraCELL V is able to give the body's cells over 415 nutrients.  intraCELL V technology is what makes intraMAX and intraKID one of the finest ways to detoxify the body and improve cellular energy.
intraCELL V technology can be a little hard to understand, but it truly is what makes Drucker Labs' intraMAX and intraKID so great.

intraCELL V helps the body to get the full benefits of all the nutrients in intraKID and intraMAX, and it is just one of the many reasons why you and your family should use products by Drucker Labs.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

intraKID Vitamins - What's Inside?

So my kids and I were singing Magic English's "Numbers Song" when I remembered that it's time for their daily dose of intraKID. My kids love its fresh raspberry taste and they never give me any problems while taking it. While we're talking numbers, let me amaze you with this kid's supplements' contents:

More than 215 nutrients to meet your kids' health needs.
71 organic trace minerals
35 Super Green Foods
16 Macro minerals
115 antioxidants
86 bioflavonoids
39 Amino Acids
14 vegetables
62 vitamins
25 fruits
24 herbs
Now that you know the numbers, what does these all mean?

An article by Dr. Richard Drucker shows that minerals are essential to our kids' health. These minerals were originally taken from fruits and vegetables. However, research from the University of Texas at Austin shows that in 2006, six out of 13 essential nutrients found in fruits and vegetables have declined considerably.  According to Dr. Donald Davis, a biochemist from University of Texas at Austin, calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron, and riboflavin are seen in decreasing amounts in produce because of agricultural practices that value profits rather than quality products.

According to Dr. Davis, more and more farmers are using farming methods that increase the yield of crops. However, these crops are not as nutritious because they are grown quickly. Plants need time to grow and absorb the nutrients from the soil and clearly, these plants are not absorbing enough for they are harvested earlier than they're supposed to. Aside from this problem, Dr. Davis also describes the "dilution effect" that occurs wherein higher yields produce nutrient-deficient crops.

Because our fruits and vegetables are not delivering the nutrition they are supposed to provide us, we need to turn to high-quality vitamin supplements to aid our kids’ growth needs. 

intraKID was developed by Dr. Richard Drucker through years of research into children’s nutritional needs. Unlike run-of-the-mill vitamin supplements, intraKID uses the intraCELL-V technology which chooses organic carbon-bonds so that the essential vitamins and minerals can be easily absorbed by the body. Because of its unique formulation, intraKID can be used by active and hyperactive kids to correct nutritional imbalances.

With intraKID, you’ll be sure that your kids’ vitamins have the right numbers in perfect proportions. It’s only the best vitamin supplement for children that exists in the market today. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Have Your Kids Singing the Spaghetti Song with this Healthy Pasta Recipe!

Yes, this blog is about intraKID liquid vitamins for kids. But, how about a healthy recipe? 

Of course you know the pasta song which first line goes, “on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed.” Of course you know that your kids just love eating pasta, and what makes the dish a favorite is precisely the creamy cheese sauce and the mouthful of meat mentioned in the song. Of course you know that such ingredients are not really healthy, especially for kids.

But do you know that your pasta could be nutritious?

Believe it, your pasta could be a healthy treat for the kids! All it takes is putting together the right ingredients, and you have a tasty, nutritious pasta plate to serve to your little angels. The best part is that your dish could be quite delicious too!

Picking the Right Ingredients
As emphasized earlier, the key to a defiantly nutritious and tasty pasta dish is the choice of ingredients.

The Pasta. It must be the kind made from whole wheat or whole grains. You must take time and effort to look for this type of pasta, as it is the only kind that’s packed with fiber. The standard white pasta you see on market and grocery shelves are stripped of grains that are good for your heart.

The Vegetables. Once you have whole-grain pasta as your base, you could make the dish even healthier by jazzing it up with vegetables. Pick ones which flavors go together, and the more colorful they are the better to put them in the mix! Some examples include chopped tomatoes, fresh spinach, savory onions, green and red peppers, stewed squash, fresh zucchini, crunchy peas, stewed mushrooms, and fresh broccoli. The best trick is to sauté these with the sauce so that the flavors will blend smoothly with the tomato paste.

The Mouthful of Meat. And now, you could play with your own version of the ‘meatballs’ that kids sing about so happily. You could put in healthy chicken strips grilled or sautéed with spices, or a bowlful of steamed shrimps, to add protein to your dish.

The Tasty Sauce. You have to stay away from those jars of processed sauce generously available in the market. They’re usually packed with fats and calories, and if you pick them as your pasta sauce your nutritious dish will instantly turn into a fat-filled treat. If you must pick this type of sauce, make sure to check the label for the fat and calorie contents. Remember that creamy sauces are laden with these toxic ingredients. Instead of using this kind of sauce, pick the basic tomato sauce and tomato paste. Better yet, you could concoct your own sauce by simmering a pot of tomatoes with a handful of basil and oregano leaves.

When you finally put these healthy ingredients together, there’s no doubt that your kids will love the taste. Creating a pasta dish that’s rich in flavor, in vitamins and in fiber is worth the task, especially if you have happy healthy kids singing the pasta song after the meal. Add a dose of intraKID Liquid Vitamin and you'll be sure about your kid's health.

Monday, May 31, 2010

10 SuperFoods You Must Put on Your Kids’ Plates

As nutritionists will tell you, you will need to feed your kids a variety of foods to make sure that they are getting the right amount of nutrients every meal. Like you, I’ve always wandered the food aisle wondering which ones to buy.

Kids need special vitamins and minerals so that they can have a healthy head start as they develop into adults. Here are 10 of the super foods that experts will tell you should find their way on your kids’ plates:
  1. Sweet Potatoes – Rich in potassium, vitamins A and C, folate, iron, and calcium. They are rated as one of the best nutritious vegetables on the planet. You can mash, grill, roast sweet potatoes for your kids. You can even create a delicious sweet casserole out of sweet potatoes and who can’t resist oven-baked sweet potato French fries.
  2. Broccoli – Filled with fiber, this vegetable has plenty of vitamins and minerals that will improve your children’s eyesight. If your kids cannot take them raw, put them into stir fry dishes or casseroles. Make dips and have your kids have fun with them.
  3. Whole grains – Breads, cereals, and crackers made from whole grains will give your kids a dose of folic acid, B vitamins, zinc, and iron. Some are even fortified with vitamin D and calcium so make sure to find these variants. Whole grains can prevent your kids from getting heart disease when they’re older.
  4. Cheese – This is a real popular superfood that you’ll have no trouble making your kids eat. Cheese has calcium, protein, and vitamin B12. They also have phosphorus which helps build healthy bones. Eating cheese also prevents your kids from developing dental cavities. 
  5. Yogurt – Instead of ice cream, freeze yogurt and let your kids enjoy them like ice cream. Yogurt has calcium, protein, carbohydrates, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamin B. They will also have healthier intestines and will give their immune system a boost. 
  6. Tuna Fish – Tuna is full of protein, niacin, B vitamins, zinc, and iron. It also has Omega 3 that is an unsaturated fat that helps in brain development. They will also have healthier hearts for this. However, make sure not to give your kids too much because of mercury levels they are reported to have.
  7. Berries – Antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and carbohydrates make berries one of the healthiest foods around. They have no fat and cholesterol. Be sure to include them with yogurt, oatmeal, or whole grain cereals. 
  8. Milk – Fortified with vitamin D, milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus which are essential for your kids to develop strong bones. Milk also has carbohydrates, protein, magnesium and vitamin A. Kids under two can chug full fat milk while older kids should have reduced fat milk. Use milk with cookies and cereal to make it more attractive for younger ones.
  9. Eggs – Eggs are full of protein  with other vitamins and minerals. It also has choline which is great for brain development. 
  10. Beef – Another source of choline is beef. Beef also has B vitamins and proteins, as well as niacin, iron, and zinc. Growing bodies need these vitamins and minerals to become healthy. Use beef in hamburgers and steak or you might want to grill kabobs that will surely be a hit for kids.
Don't be afraid to get creative when you're preparing your kids' meals. You can even involve them in food preparations to get them interested. Since most foods are lower in vital nutrients because of depleted soil, I give my kids the best childrens multiple vitamin available; IntraKID Liquid Vitamins to make sure they're getting the right amount of nutrients.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

IntraKID Review

IntraKID is by far the best liquid vitamin for children I have tried for my two kids. IntraKID is 100%-certified organic and does not have any preservatives. It is also hypoallergenic and contains the most comprehensive vitamins and minerals that kids need. Aside from that, IntraKID also has a great taste that kids will love minus the sugar.

100% Organic
IntraKID is manufactured by Drucker Laboratories, which is based in the United States. IntraKID is a liquid multivitamin that is designed for kids 2 to 12 years old. Drucker Labs assure us that all their nutritional supplements are manufactured in the United States.

IntraKID also does not have any preservatives or any other additives. This is great news because almost all the kid’s vitamins I have tried almost always have preservatives and have artificial coloring.

One of my friends who is a vegetarian swear by IntraKID. When she checked the ingredients, she was relieved that she’s not introducing animal products to her kids. This product does not have any salicylates, herbicides, or pesticides. That’s why I’m confident that I am not introducing any synthetic substances to my kids.

For those with kids who are allergic to a lot of things, IntraKID is the best choice. If your kid is allergic to any of these ingredients, then you can rest easy that IntraKID does NOT contain any of these antibiotics, binders, caffeine, or cholesterol.  It also does NOT have any crustacean shellfish, dairy, egg, fish or fish oil, gluten, nuts , soy, starch, wheat, or yeast.

Full Spectrum of Vitamins and Minerals

Most kid’s vitamins you find in drugstores only have 30 vitamins. Intrakid has 215 nutrients. What’s great about the nutrients in IntraKID is that they are 100% carbon-bond organic nutrients. This means that your kids’ cells readily absorb these nutrients. The 71 trace minerals also prepare your kids’ bodies to absorb the vitamins.

Great Natural Raspberry Flavor

When I used other liquid vitamins, I had to literally bribe my kids to take their vitamins. They act like I’m torturing them. That’s why vitamin time was not a pleasant time for my kids or me. When I gave them IntraKID, I was surprised that they took it without complaining. I couldn’t believe it!
Unlike other vitamins which contain tons of sugar to make them more tasty, IntraKID uses a natural raspberry flavor. I remember when I used another vitamin, Tyler went berserk. When I saw how much sugar it has, I learned that it has caffeine and sugar. Lots of it.
Tyler loves taking this and would even ask me when “vitamin time” is. Tyler loves IntraKID so much that I have to put it somewhere he cannot reach. 

My Review of IntraKID

I’ve noticed that after using two bottles of IntraKID, my older kid was more energetic. What’s remarkable is that Tyler does not go hyperactive on me. When I read more about it, I learned that over-activity results from nutritional imbalances. IntraKID took care of whatever nutritional imbalance Tyler has.  I’ve also noticed that their sleeping patterns improved.

Both my kids haven’t had any colds since taking IntraKID. Before they took IntraKID, they were often miserable because of  colds. Once my girl’s colds are over, the other one gets it. Then I get it, too. (Have you noticed how easily you can catch colds from your kids?)

I also love it that IntraKID comes in 2 ounce bottles for when you travel. While the 33 oz one gives you value for your money, the travel-sized IntraKID is more convenient.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with IntraKID liquid multi-vitamin supplement for children. Given all the kids’ vitamins I have to test, this is by far the one that passed all my standards.